Branding, Live Paid Ads, Social Media, Influencer Campaign, and Product Design


(reading as very bright orange but is the same color as font; view download)

Conducted a brand analysis and created a kit to be distributed among all teams to act as a guide when creating content in the brand’s image and voice. At the end, my team and I made recommendations to help better the brand and its image.

On the Brand Team, myself along with two others had the tasks to implement the new strategies. I created the new graphic designs on both the Shopify website and on the IG Profile, including both of the copy.


Do you copy?

Using Later, I scheduled a post to go live. I was responsible to write engaging copy in our brand’s voice that was captivating and fitting for our audience, all while posting during optimal time.

Horoscope Collaboration

For ‘Galentine’s Day’, I collaborated to create content focused around zodiac signs and their matching cocktails. Responsible for creating concept and creating graphic from my teammate’s cocktail drawings.


Calling All Contentaholics:

Collaborated on a team to create a Paid Facebook Ad to build brand awareness. Our goal was to generate web traffic to our website through clicks and share our podcast’s mission. I conducted an analysis to specify who our target audience (‘Unemployed, Female Graduates passionate about Marketing’), their interests, and location. Additionally, played a huge role in forming the ad concept.

This ad went live for 5 days on a limited budget to reach 4,790 people with 56 clicks. We achieved our goal of increasing website clicks with an average CPC was $0.78.

Ad converted into Youtube video

Follower Wine Cooler Instagram Giveaway:

Collaborated on a team to create an Instagram Ad to create buzz, increase brand awareness, and increase our social engagement on our Instagram platform.

I created this graphic which was also promoted as a paid ad after scheduled as a post.

The promotion went live for 5 days on a $50 budget with a reach of 3,340 people, 88 promotion clicks, and 237 profile clicks. 81% of our new followers came from our promotion. We received 78 new followers.


I heard it on a podcast..”

Alongside two other team members, I reached out to 20+ micro-influencers (2K-20K followers) to increase brand awareness through the release our of latest product. Podpads were created to bring buzz to podcast listeners and given to influencers in exchange for organic social media content that tagged our Instagram handle. All proceeds were donated to BLM charity, The Loveland Foundation. We used Hootsuite as a tool for structuring email communication that was unique to each individual, contact organization storage, and a tracking process from initial outreach to closing the deal.

As of right now, 12 influencers are scheduling to post their podpads on their Instagrams.


Designing Fan Merch for Shopify

Created product designs via Canva for online store merchandise.

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