Content I had created as a Campus Brand Ambassador under Intern Queen. I worked on various campaigns to bring brand awareness to Albertsons’ in-house brands.

Open Nature Campaign | April 2020 (Remote)

Instagram Post

Carousel Caption:

Fun in the sun Friday☀️🦋

Took a mini field trip outside to enjoy the sun with this lil guy 🐾 It’s so easy to stay cooped up inside all day but take advantage of the sunshine if you can, even if it’s just for a little!

Soak up the vitamin D w/ #opennature fruit and nut bars found at your local @albertsons @safeway @vons 💛🌞 p.s don’t forget to stay hydrated too💧 #ad @internqueen

Open Nature Campaign continued…

Signature Select Solei Campaign | May 2020 (Remote)

Instagram Post

Carousel Caption:

sip sip soleil🌟

safely purchase these refreshing caffeinated sparkling waters at your local

@albertsons / @vons


O Organics Campaign | February 2020

Signature Select Pop Chips Campaign | April 2019

IG Post #1 Caption:
secured the bag ☝︎ #signatureselect

IG Post #2 Caption (2 photos–Sea Salt Chips):

salt is in the air 🌊 #signatureSELECT

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