Responsible for helping manage social accounts, strategy, content creation and ideation, influencer partnerships, and overall execution of implementing social trends on key social platforms.

With the goal of rebranding, the Social Team wanted to build upon our previous community by publishing applicable, relatable, and aspirational content, relevant to our target audience. Working directly under the CEO/Founder, we shifted into a new, consistent, brand voice on all social channels. It was key to analyze social media trends and our current analytics to make data-driven decisions on the type of content that would be pushed to our audience.

I utilized Later for social media analytics and content scheduling.


As a team, we are constantly finding ways to better our platform’s performance.

TikTok: We add content ideas into a Excel spreadsheet weekly, relevant to our brand and values yet finding ways for finding reach: video ideas/trending sounds/hashtags/trends/career ideas/self-care/women empowerment/mental health

Youtube: Capitalizing on evergreen content, we know how important it is to write captivating headlines, design enticing thumbnails, and provide thorough descriptions to rank for topics to related to the published episode.

Instagram: After discovering new career, successful IG platforms, I felt inspired to develop a proposal of a new feed. I wanted to build upon our pillars and work into creating even more consistency that was digestible to the eye but also aesthetically appeasing from a first glance. Working with the Social Team and Founder, I created a 9-grid color mock grid to help decide on a possible outcome for the vision of our feed. In the process, we were able to collaborate by making a complete 180 with new content pillars, a color scheme, font selection, and formatting, We finalized our ideas into the guide featured on upper left.


I built on my colleague, Hira Hassan’s idea of ‘2021 Vision Boards, ” Manifesting in 2021: put out into the world what you want to receive back.”‘ by creating new color schemes.

“A creative way for me to express myself while also staying on brand with Sky Society’s brand identity.” -Hira

Keeping this in mind, I selected images and quotes that best represented the affirmation and “vibe” of the quote, while staying within on brand.


All content created by me was done via Canva and Adobe Photoshop


owner of copy, media selection, and creation (#3, #5)

posted prior to new strategy implantation included in kit


Owner of landing partnership, video editing, & content design.

Goal: Highlight large takeaways from podcast recording and drive traffic to podcast episodes on listening platforms.


Currently in the process of awaiting content from influencers.

Helped create a 90 day career-guided affirmation journal, centered around writing out your goals every day to achieve your dreams. At Sky Society, we believe in aspiring for your dream job so by writing affirmations and having a goal in mind to take note, you are attracting the energy of that job you are dreaming of. With a low-budget, we targeted micro-influencers who had a shared interest in our core values of self-care, manifestation, mental health, and/or, career advice. For each individual, we gifted a free journal in exchange for a story post.

We wanted to generate buzz while also helping a cause. All proceeds from the journal are going to the SeekHer Foundation which advocates for women’s mental health.

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