Samples of assigned projects I have done for companies during their hiring process.



Ask: Create copy for an email to a new member who recently purchased a monthly subscription, AND copy for a social post. I created visuals by pulling inspiration from their social feeds, website and newsletter.

intern queen SOCIAL MEDIA


Ask: Make Social Recommendations // I created a modified brand kit to help guide my process based on my perception of Intern Queen as a follower and being a past brand ambassador. Using inspiration from their socials, I created an IQ themed slide deck of my ideas.

  1. We want to change this up. Put together (you could use a Pinterest private board if you’d like or just attachments) 3 example posts you’d want to test out on our IG @internqueen feed.
  2. What are 3 themes we could explore on @officialcareerqueen page (content wise) that we don’t already explore to better connect with our audience?
  3. What is 1 thing you’d do to promote our Youtube videos more?
  4. What’s 1 social platform we aren’t on that you think we should be on?
  5. What are 2 brands that you think are KILLING IT on social right now and super elevated that you would like to see Intern Queen be more like? (doesn’t need to be in career space, could be more about style/aesthetic)


Ask: With a 2-day deadline, Creator Deck Media Influencer Agency, wanted me to outline an Influencer Marketing Campaign for Target’s new launch of gaming-inspired graphic tees aimed towards 18-23 year olds in the gaming community or at large, Gen Z audiences.// I created an through, Target themed, project proposal (was not a live presentation) with all of my information on my thought process behind finding a campaign cause, Influencers, platforms, budget, supplemental personal questions, and examples of situational draft emails.


Ask: Abodu asked me to complete a case study with several questions pertaining to scheduling, concept ideas, event planning, and problem solving. I created a slide deck to present my answers.

click here to view full video campaign details on ‘Hello, Culver City’ page 2

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